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Gallico Studios is a community-driven effort dedicated to ending the harmful and misguided practice of artificial water fluoridation. Founded by author Melissa Gallico in December 2018, the studio produces video, audio, and written content to raise awareness of the damaging health effects of fluoride and why they are persistently overlooked by government health agencies.

Many people are inclined to defer to dental authorities who insist that artificial water fluoridation is a safe and effective way to prevent cavities. We are not those people. We are the people who have bothered to ask where the fluoride added to our water comes from. We are the people who have dug through the mountains of research (and not just the abstracts) on how fluoride effects the thyroid gland, bone health, and the cognitive development of children. We are the people who listen intently to Nobel Prize-winning pharmacologists and Harvard toxicologists who warn that fluoride is not as safe as we once thought. And we are the people who decided to do something about it.

Careful study of the history and science behind artificial water fluoridation reveals it is not the great public health achievement government officials currently claim it to be. On the contrary, fluoridation is a pollution scandal—the biggest pollution scandal in American history—and we are dead set on seeing it come to an end.



The #Fpollution podcast is produced by Gallico Studios, a multimedia effort supported by a community of activists who share the goal of exposing the pollution story behind fluoridation. Join the Studio on Patreon for as little as $1 a month.



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