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Dr. Mark Hyman and Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) Respond to a Question About Public Water Fluoridation

At a town hall hosted by Dr. Mark Hyman in San Diego on August 9, 2018 , Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) replies to a question about public water fluoridation from studio founder Melissa Gallico.

Why this Video of Dr. Mark Hyman and Congressman Tim Ryan Responding to a Question about Public Water Fluoridation Is Important

In this Gallico Studios exclusive, Melissa Gallico asks Congressman Tim Ryan about his decision to sign a resolution in 2015 to name fluoridation one of the greatest public health achievements of the twentieth century. As you can see, it did not take much to convince him to reconsider, especially with Dr. Mark Hyman's support there at the end.

It is important to talk to local politicians and other community leaders about the negative side effects of fluoridation. Many of them do not know about this side of the story because of the dental lobby's stranglehold on government health policy. And it is important to record a video of the conversation when possible because it will help hold leaders accountable in the future.

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