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Erin Brockovich Opposes Public Water Fluoridation

Erin Brockovich and Bob Bowcock respond to a question about public water fluoridation from studio supporter Linda Palmisano at a town hall in Satellite Beach, Florida on September 29, 2018. Notice how the crowd cheers after their response. Twice! To help end fluoridation, sign our petition.

Why This Video of Erin Brockovich Opposing Public Water Fluoridation Is Important

As of late 2018 when this video was taken, there are no videos on YouTube that show Erin Brockovich opposing fluoridation. She writes about it often on Facebook and other social media, but there is no video footage of Erin Brockovich speaking out against the addition of fluoride to public water supplies.

On February 1, 2016, Erin Brockovich appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to voice her opposition to the practice and warn Americans of potential negative side effects from drinking artificially fluoridated water. All videos of her appearance were removed from the Internet and the clip of her segment was deleted from The Dr. Oz Show web page for the episode. Instead, the page shows statements on the benefits of artificial water fluoridation from the CDC, ADA, AAPHD, ADHA, HSDM, and a disclaimer from Dr. Oz that his show does not provide medical advice.

Who is trying to silence Erin Brockovich from speaking out about the health risks of public water fluoridation? Don't they know how this movie ends?

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