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Is Fluoride Bad for You? A Lecture on Public Water Fluoridation by Dr. Felicia LeFish

In this captivating lecture, Dr. Felicia LeFish presents the scientific evidence that fluoride is toxic and encourages viewers to sign her petition to end public water fluoridation at Petition.ProjectFree.Me.

Why this Video about the Negative Side Effects of Fluoridation Is Important

In this animated Gallico Studios production, Dr. Felicia LeFish provides a comprehensive overview of the history and science of fluoridation in just seven minutes. For a book version of Felicia's lecture that you can leave in the loo or in the waiting room at your favorite holistic dentist's office, see F Is for Fluoride: A Feasible Fairytale for Freethinkers 15 and Up.

References in the video:

0:58 News article on comprehensive scientific review that shows water fluoridation might not prevent cavities, http://www.Newsweek.ProjectFree.Me

1:06 Harvard study on potential neurotoxic side effects of fluoride on the brain, http://www.Harvard.ProjectFree.Me

1:17 The National Toxicology Program's 2015 proposal to study the side effect of fluoride as a developmental neurotoxin, http://www.NTP.ProjectFree.Me

1:25 Interview with Nobel Prize-Winning neuropharmacologist, Arvid Carlsson, on his fierce opposition to water fluoridation, http://www.Carlsson.ProjectFree.Me

1:30 "Why I Changed My Mind about Water Fluoridation" by John Colquhoun, D.D.S., the former chairman of New Zealand's fluoridation promotion committee, http://www.Colquhoun.ProjectFree.Me

1:34 Is fluoride bad for you? Ask Dr. Hardy Limeback, former Head of Preventive Dentistry at the University of Toronto, on Twitter at

2:01 Photographs of skeletal fluorosis and dental fluorosis from fluoride air pollution in the United States in the mid-1900s, http://www.Titans.ProjectFree.Me

2:59 Timeline of first fluoridation trial, appointment of industry lawyer to head of public health department, and federal endorsement of artificial water fluoridation, http://www.Deception.ProjectFree.Me

3:24 For an interview by journalist Christopher Bryson with Edward Bernays, the "Father of Public Relations," about his work promoting water fluoridation, see http://www.Deception.ProjectFree.Me

4:02 Analysis of sugar industry influence on national dental health research, http://www.Sugar.ProjectFree.Me

4:20 For information on skeletal fluorosis and other toxic side effects of fluoride, see http://www.Case.ProjectFree.Me

4:25 Study by Health Canada showing the mean fluoride concentration of freshwater is 0.05 mg/L, fourteen times lower than the amount recommended by U.S. health officials of 0.7 mg/L, http://www.Freshwater.ProjectFree.Me

4:37 One of many studies showing fluoride causes symptoms of arthritis, http://www.Arthritis.ProjectFree.Me

4:42 One of many studies showing fluoride depresses thyroid function leading to hypothyroidism, http://www.Thyroid.ProjectFree.Me

4:46 Study showing heavy bioaccumulation of flouride in the pineal gland, a brain organ that regulates sleep, http://www.Pineal.ProjectFree.Me

4:57 News article on recent study showing fluoride exposure in pregnant women is linked to lower IQ in babies, http://www.IQ.ProjectFree.Me

5:07 Book by Melissa Gallico, former military intelligence officer and FBI analyst, on fluoride as the root cause of acne, http://www.Acne.ProjectFree.Me

5:18 Book by George Waldbott, the renowned allergist credited with discovering the link between emphysema and cigarettes, on the deceitful tactics used by early fluoridation supporters to suppress and discredit research on the toxic side effects of fluoride, http://www.Titans.ProjectFree.Me

5:26 Press conference footage of William Marcus, an EPA toxicologist fired for refusing to overlook evidence that fluoride is a carcinogen, after he was reinstated under the Whistleblower Protection Act, http://www.Marcus.ProjectFree.Me

5:37 Interview with Dr. Phyllis Mullenix on her firing from her position as the lead toxicologist at the Forsyth Dental Institute when her research showed fluoride affects brain function, http://www.Mullenix.ProjectFree.Me

5:48 The FDA's pesticide monitoring program shows that regulators do not test for fluoride-based pesticides even though the EPA sets a residue tolerance for them, http://www.FDA.ProjectFree.Me

6:03 In a response to a pesticide manufacturer requesting unlimited use of fluoride-based pesticides on raisins, EPA cites the safety of fluoridated water as the reason it is not useful to monitor the diet for fluoride intake, http://www.EPA.ProjectFree.Me

6:10 Study showing the bioaccumulation of fluoride in non-organic poultry products, such as chicken nuggets, lunchmeat, and pureed baby food, http://www.Chicken.ProjectFree.Me

6:15 Exposé on the unmonitored use of fluoride-based pesticides in California, "the raisin capital of the world," as the cause of lethal raisin poisoning in dogs, http://www.Raisins.ProjectFree.Me

6:30 Three simple things you can do to end artificial water fluoridation, including signing Felicia's petition for the U.S. government to stop promoting water fluoridation, http:///www.Petition.ProjectFree.Me

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